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The Rummiest Rumcakes around and the premier rumcake brand in Mexico!

We are proud of our cakes and we hear how good they are every day from satisfied customers! Everyone says to us, what is in them? Well, the secret is the rum- we do not claim that we have a 100 year old family recipe; we do not claim that they are traditional Caribbean fare- although the original recipe is derived from the age old Caribbean Rumcakes, we simply claim that we use no other liquids in the baking process, other than RUM! This is what we would expect a Rumcake to be made out of- correct? While the others are good at marketing, we simply make a better cake and with cooler packaging too! An amazing gift for any occasion, which is 100% from the Caribbean- box and all!

Our Rumcakes are baked fresh every day in Cozumel, Mexico; we then vacuum pack them for freshness and we ship them directly to you from our world class FDA registered bakery.

Our cakes are hand crafted in small batches and we take the time to ensure each and every cake meets our exacting standards. Smooth tropical flavors combined with unique liquors give you a cake that cannot be described and can only be experienced for yourself. If you happen to be taking a cruise to the Western Caribbean, make sure you stop by one of our many stores selling only the highest quality local products, including free tastings of these amazing cakes. Our cakes are ONLY AVAILABLE at the Cancun Airport and Cozumel, Mexico- see you in Paradise!

We bake the rum and tequila into our cakes, then drench them in 5 year old Golden Rum, Coconut Rum or aged Tequila’s- each one comes in a bundt form, vacuumed sealed and are available three different sizes- 4 oz., 16 oz and our unique mini pack of mini rumcakes- the GREATEST GIFT you can buy in the Caribbean.

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